Apollo 11 – 45th Anniversary

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Written by: Michelle Rouch

Apollo-11-45th-Anniversary-1Apollo enthusiasts landed at the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (LPL) Kuiper Building in Tucson to honor the 45th Anniversary of Apollo 11. The event celebrated everything lunar and included an opportunity to talk with Scientists and Astronomical Artists, enjoy historical films and lectures, and kid friendly hands-on activities.

The honorable Dr. Ewen Whitaker, one of the founding members of the LPL along with Gerard P. Kuiper at the University of Arizona, is best known for his lunar research in mapping the Moon. His research was instrumental in locating the landing sites for the Apollo missions, and has published a book titled “Mapping and Naming the Moon.” During the 45th Anniversary celebration at the LPL building, he offered personal comments, “I was interested in astronomy in 1930 when my parents bought an encyclopedia. And through it I read articles, sealing my interest in astronomy and spectrology. After WWII the moon was my main interest.” Mr. Whittaker offers advice, “Once something catches your attention, like the interest in the moon, you should not let it get away.” He expounds, “If you have an interest in your work, you should never let it go.”

Apollo-11-45th-Anniversary-3Mr. Geoff Notkin, best known as the Meteorite Man on the Science Channel offered, “The residence of Tucson should be aware that the LPL Building is the corner stone of Human Spaceflight. LPL was a critical component of the Apollo Missions and Tucson continues to be a world leader in spaces exploration with the O SIRIS-REx. Its headquarters are right here in Tucson, AZ.”

Apollo-11-45th-Anniversary-2IAAA Artist Simon Kregar portrayed Research Scientist Senior LPL Space Watch, Jim Scotti, jumping on the surface of the Moon.

IAAA Artist, Michelle Rouch exhibited her artwork, “Apollo” that was created after visiting the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece with inspiration from the late and great artist Robert McCall. The artwork holds 17 original Apollo Astronaut signatures.

International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA), a non-profit organization, has members that implement and participate in astronomical and space art to promote education about space. They foster international cooperation with other artists worldwide to gain inspiration by paintings exploration themes of the Universe.

Apollo-11-45th-Anniversary-4Local Tucson IAAA artists:

  • Dr. Bill Hartmann (Founding Member)
  • Dr. James Keane
  • Simon Kregar, Jr.
  • Kim Poor (Founding Member)
  • Michelle Rouch
  • Matthew Stricker
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